Saturday, April 9, 2011

yes peas!

yesterday we made lunch for anyone who visited pergolina. paulanna made a DELICIOUS pea soup! she had a little salted dried peas garnish sitting pretty on top (or to nibble on the side). plus tiny toasts loaded just the right amount with mouth watering olive oil and salt. a dear friend brought over some horse radish and cheddar "pub cheese" - put that on your toast on the side of your pea soup and viola! heaven! nothing quite like a homemade treat while you shop!

we plan on making lunch again soon... visit our facebook page and hit "like" or follow our twitter page for updates on our menu!


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  1. yummo!!! It's funny, but we've been making bean and lentil and pea soup for the last few months. Seems like other friends of mine too. It's a legume renaissance!