Thursday, April 7, 2011


paulanna and i had a conversation today about how amazing blogs are. how they allow you to travel and learn about new places, cultures, food, art. blogs introduce to you to new people, amazing visuals and of course, inspire you - or in this case not only inspire, but make you very hungry and longing for a journey! the following images are just the tip of the iceberg. you must must check out the rest of the images of mya henry and eric werner's restaurant in tulum, mexico on the selby - here!

"Most people keep their New Year’s resolutions simple: exercise, save money, volunteer. Mya Henry and Eric Werner took on something more challenging — they made a pact to leave New York and open a restaurant in Tulum, Mexico. Last December, after seven months of planning, building and traveling around the country in search of antiques, they opened Hartwood, which they describe as ‘‘Mexican farmhouse rustic.’’ Werner, who cooked at Peasant in Manhattan and Vinegar Hill House in Brooklyn, helms the kitchen, while Henry, who worked for the Soho Grand Hotel, runs the front of the house. Henry blames her naïveté for fueling their project. ‘‘I’ve never worked so hard in my life — despite being in this paradise.’" - via the NY times


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