Tuesday, July 1, 2008

just in


new jewelry! hippie chic deerskin leather necklaces from Lulu Designs!
these necklaces are rich in texture and detail. Lulu combines precious stones and metals with soft leather and baroque pearls. Lulu’s work is always delicious! she blends quality materials in a variety of styles that can be worn both casually and for special occasions. when Lulu Designs arrives at the store it is like opening treasure! check them out in our Jewelry section!

paulanna here...

dear pergolina friends,
paulanna here…i invite you to visit and spread the word of www.pergolina.com. this is my third child, Nino first, then PERGOLINA the shop and now PERGOLINA.COM!
it has been a frustrating yet exciting process creating pergolina.com. we went through 3 “web masters” and 2 nervous breakdowns, then we found the very talented allison, and with her guidance and my bianca’s artful eye we are up and running.
the site reflects the shop’s warmth and whimsy. we are adding new products daily! there is nothing like a new canvas to stimulate my buying appetite, so get ready!
the internet world is much like moving to a foreign country and the experience of acquiring traffic, attention, online fans etc. is all so new for me! therefore i ask of you, encourage, insist and maybe even beg of you a little to help us here at pergolina to spread the word of pergolina to the public! if you have any advice on how to receive press or know of a great new blog – please please do not hesitate to let us know about it! we sell a great deal of merchandise that has been featured on the likes of DAILY CANDY, Domino Magazine, Lucky Magazine and many more, however we are seeking press for pergolina.com. if any of you have advice on a way in – give us a hand!
those of you who know me know that i am a big fan of the phrase “the squeaky wheel gets oiled”! with that said, please send your friends, family, co-workers, pet-groomers, neighbors, facialists, therapists, life guides, etc. to our site! we will take good care of them! and if you blog, please mention PERGOLINA.
i am digging a tunnel and see a tiny bit of light but i want to be glowing in that light. so if you have any ideas, comments, guidance, anything please, please share with us.
i thank you for being loyal and lovely and for encouraging me to do what i love.

pergolina home, gift and garden
10139 Riverside Dr.
toluca Lake, CA 91602
phone: 818.508.7708