Wednesday, July 2, 2014

with a bang

The fourth is just around the corner…  memories

McCambridge Park in Burbank, when I was little, all day picnics, baseball games, bocce ball, nightfall and magical fireworks

Going to Balboa Island with family A LOT OF THEM… aunts, uncles, cousins and the queen grama.

A married woman with a child, but I felt like I was going to summer camp.  I couldn’t wait to spend the week with family. Meals together, the beach together and cards all night.

Spending the day at big Corona swimming all day, getting tan, building drip sand castles with Nino and Gianna then going home to a wonderful dinner my gram would have prepared, pasta with a rich lamb sauce, papparul… a vinegar-y fried bell pepper and melanzane.

Peaches and figs bursting with their sweet nectar. Cakes soaked in lemony, sugary, and butter goodness.

We would pile into my uncle’s pick-up and head for the fireworks this was pure heaven.

So my dear Pergolian’s my wish for you this fourth is one filled with wonder and deliciousness and maybe makes a memory

All for you my lovelies

Xo P 

P.S. Here are more of our wonderful gift ideas for this special weekend and for all of summer...

 Sparklers, surprise balls, festive pins and  celebration glasses all you need for a memorable time.
4th of july set 

Sturdy yet beautiful cutting boards fashioned from 19th century timber salvaged from old buildings throughout Europe.  
Give the all American spin deviled eggs

Colorful candles for the 4th's buffet tables
candles close
  Seletti - Milan,Italy   it's a wow, a need see... picnic supplies
Stay tuned for more exciting items to come!