Thursday, July 29, 2010

inspiration - artist caroline slotte

caroline's work is the kind of thing you say "wow" and then begin to squint your eyes and dive into. her experimental art using ceramics is phenomenal. a crack is a line drawing, the old is new again, the plate is more than a plate (look again!) and the impossible is possible. just see for your self... click here to see more of her work.




via style me pretty.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

quote of the day


matta kantha bags!

new to the online store... matta kantha shoulder bags and cosmetic bags! made from the same 100% cotton vintage one-of-kind fabric combinations as the ralli quilts, these bags are so beautiful and each one is so unique. The Kantha shoulder bag is reversible and has a pocket that hangs from two shell buttons. The cosmetic bag also has a pocket and does not need to be used strictly for cosmetics, but would make a lovely clutch, wallet, or catch-all bag.

shop the matta kantha bags here.






Tuesday, July 27, 2010

inspiration - artist susie cowie

as you know we have a thing for delicate findings. something about the ability to get lost in all the detail till you are wrapped up in a whole other world of beauty. susie's work does just that... surprise you around the corner with little details amongst the large bold rough textures that surround us daily. her work interrupts your patience and makes you gaze and wonder how and gush with appreciation for her lovely combinations of color, delicate gestures, collections of words and florals... almost familiar but not quite.

check out her art here.


just in - new designs from screech owl designs!

birds, and ladies, and furniture - oh my! we just received a shipment of new designs from one of our favorite stationary companys... SCREECH OWL DESIGNS! we adore the hilarious combinations of animals and domestic settings by designer jacqueline schmidt. we also appreciate screech owl's message... they "believe that the romance and charm of a handwritten note is priceless. each note is a diminutive work of art that can make a personal journey from one friend to another...(they) are delighted to play a small part in these gestures of community and acts of thoughtfulness and sharing."

screech owl cards are eco-friendly products that look and feel as luxurious as any non-recycled paper.

don't see them on our website? email for orders.


thank you greedy girl!

another SCREAM busted out of us when we saw that our quilts along with some other pergolina treats were featured on GREEDY GIRL! yesterday was like a blog party! greedy girl is equally inspiring. blogger carolina (THE greedy girl) is always showcasing the most delightful array of treasures, from clothing to jewelry to home goods and more. we were so happy to be showcased amongst all the beauty that she delivers...

check out the full post here!


thank you design*sponge!

we SCREAMED with excitement when we found yesterday that our ralli quilits were featured on DESIGN*SPONGE! if you haven't been to their site then go NOW! it is one of the greatest sources for inspiration in how to lead a creative lifestyle. from a wide range of sneak peeks of homes to DIY tips to before and afters to (b's favorite) gardening / floral arrangement tips...

our quilts have been selling so quickly now - thank you D*S! see the full post here.


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Monday, July 26, 2010

bianca's favorites for july...

it is very very difficult to work at pergolina and not buy everything around you. i love just about everything we sell. this probably explains why i am decked out in jewelry like a boho princess. with that said, here are my favorites of the moment. please buy them before i do... just kidding. xoxo b

to shop click here.

vintage woven brass chain necklace...

renee garvey oro verde earrings...

lisa toland, vintage inspired woven metal, glass beads and thread...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

thank you sweet sweet life!

a big warm thank you to amy, creator of the sweet sweet life blog. she did a lovely post on our quilts! check out amy's fun blog HERE. check out the post on pergolina HERE.

amy, a creative soul and mother of two says her blog is her .... " journal, my confession, my love note, my wish-list, my shaking fist, and my song of praise. "

thanks again!


Friday, July 23, 2010


we are falling in love with the "falling garden" installation at the 50th venice biennial art exhibition by artists gerda steiner and jorg lenzlinger.
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

wrap yourself up in art...

just in - vintage one-of-a-kind ralli quilts. this year we bought even more for your shopping pleasure! they are GORGEOUS. perfect for a picnic or cool summer nights.

shop the quilts here!


ralli quilts are traditional quilts made by women in the areas of sindh, pakistan, western india, and in surrounding areas. the collection we currently have are specifically from pakistan and india. they are made from vintage fabric that is quilted together, combining pattern and color in bold contrast and then finished with fine stitching.
adorned with bright colors and bold patterns, the quilts are also called rilli, rilly, rallee or rehli derived from the local word ralanna meaning to “mix or connect”.
the quilts are just now gaining international recognition, even though women have been making these quilts for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Eevery ralli quilt is different and unique. they tell a story of the creativity and love of color and design of the women who create them. in the villages, ralli is an important part of a girl’s dowry.
ralli quilts can be used as bedspreads, throws, rugs or wall hangings. each quilt varies in size. however they are roughly the size of a twin bed. keep in mind that patches or any imperfection is party of quilt's store and personality.