Sunday, June 1, 2008

bianca's favorites for summer

summer is officially here on saturday! which means more skin and more sun. and my favorite way to show off my skin and shimmer in the sun is by layering up my sterling silver word bracelets and showing them off! the bracelets sparkle in the sun and i always get a giggle when i get to announce what each special bracelet says (i even giggle when i read them to myself).
i have been buying, gifting (and thankfully receiving) these bracelets for years and they are a classic. everyone from my ma, grandma, sister, friends and even some guy friends love these bracelets.
the best part is that you can have them engraved to say anything you want. an affirmation, an inside joke, pet name, nickname, something naughty, romantic, sassy or a special date.
plus they are inexpensive yet personal!
and there you have it, one of my favorite pergolina gifts (or pergolina gift to self) for this summer are the sterling silver word bracelets. for more information look for them under the jewelry category in Shop.
please note that this item takes about a week to be made. your shipping dates will apply after we receive the bracelet from the designer.