Tuesday, December 9, 2008

a holiday message

t’was 2 days before christmas and all through the shop
everyone was singing and shopping and oh yes – i have a mouse!
topo gigo a stuffed mouse in the jewelry case.
we continue to have a great holiday season
thanks to all of our wonderful clients….so
take a bow, enjoy the applause, have a piece
of panetone and always know THAT
p.s. we will be at the store christmas eve from 10:30 – 2pm SHARP!

hello dolly... happy holidays

introducing our ladies of the holiday…
…come see them in the store…


Monday, December 1, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

martini party


more! new jewelry

ret these tasty new designs by Margaret Solow are sure to make you swoon…

pictured above are her “Zen Gems". margaret says "it’s all about the stone. revel in the beauty and simplicity of precious and semi-precious stones such as citrine, pink tourmaline, rose quartz, green tourmaline, blue chalcedony, amethyst, prenhite and moonstone. celebrate with sparkle and layers of stones, or contemplate with something smooth and calming. each stone is strung on highly durable polymiede string and finished with a sterling silver clasp.”

pictured above are her "wabi - sabi" necklaces. “these necklaces were inspired by the japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. wabi-sabi is the beauty of things imperfect…it is a beauty of things modest and humble…it is a beauty of things unconventional.
wabi-sabi reflects the natural beauty of things found in nature; simple, imperfect, incomplete things.
each necklace is made with a piece of free form sterling silver, created by dropping pure molten silver into water. like things in nature, no two are alike. the wabi-sabi piece is strung on a highly durable red cord. the red string borrows from buddist and kabalistic traditions, and will bring the wearer good luck and protection.”

new jewelry

m.e. moore’s jewelry is one of our favorite new treasure makers! her collection of one of a kind necklaces and earrings are made from 90% reclaimed finds. by salvaging vintage finds and recycling them into her work moore is creating unique pieces that are beautiful and eco friendly. her jewelry is made of high quality brass with lead-free solder. this piece in particular is stunning. we love the dramatic size of the chain combined with the sweet image of the soaring bird.

another exquisite piece by moore. we love the organic delicacy and detail of the wing combined with the hard edges of the small case and the a-symmetry played out in the chain. and the cuff is just plain beautiful!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

bianca's favorites for october

these hand painted tin cans are called miracle cans. they are great for pens, flowers or whatever else you can think of. handmade in peru.

ibride bird portrait trays: we are crazy about the new ibride trays! all of the trays are composites of humans and birds, with a distinct period feel and playful design. ibride’s trays are made of recycled wood by an innovative French design team lead by three members of the same family. the trays are both functional and artful. they can be used for serving food, drinks or hung on a wall as art.

my favorite new candles are snow & graham. come on by and smell them! . their candles are made with soy and have wonderful fragrances that delicate. i am also a fan of the silk screened graphics on the glass. some one by me the anemone no.16 scent - now!

Monday, September 1, 2008

what's hot? pergolina in C magazine!

we are so pleased to announce that our "herbes de cĂ©ment herb potting kit" was featured on the WHAT’S HOT page in the september issue of C Magazine! This is a lovely gift to give or gift to yourself! made with recycled materials; plant your own herbs and use them in your next delicious dish! also be sure to check out C Magazine just because…

Saturday, August 9, 2008

look what the mail brought in

this is a sample of a beautiful towel from Kerla. the towel is called "thorthu" - it is pure cotton! – come in and touch it!
it was in this envelope made of cloth. i love the feel and look. don’t you love the postal stamp wth the orange ink – oh the little things in life that make me happy!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

just in


new jewelry! hippie chic deerskin leather necklaces from Lulu Designs!
these necklaces are rich in texture and detail. Lulu combines precious stones and metals with soft leather and baroque pearls. Lulu’s work is always delicious! she blends quality materials in a variety of styles that can be worn both casually and for special occasions. when Lulu Designs arrives at the store it is like opening treasure! check them out in our Jewelry section!

paulanna here...

dear pergolina friends,
paulanna here…i invite you to visit and spread the word of www.pergolina.com. this is my third child, Nino first, then PERGOLINA the shop and now PERGOLINA.COM!
it has been a frustrating yet exciting process creating pergolina.com. we went through 3 “web masters” and 2 nervous breakdowns, then we found the very talented allison, and with her guidance and my bianca’s artful eye we are up and running.
the site reflects the shop’s warmth and whimsy. we are adding new products daily! there is nothing like a new canvas to stimulate my buying appetite, so get ready!
the internet world is much like moving to a foreign country and the experience of acquiring traffic, attention, online fans etc. is all so new for me! therefore i ask of you, encourage, insist and maybe even beg of you a little to help us here at pergolina to spread the word of pergolina to the public! if you have any advice on how to receive press or know of a great new blog – please please do not hesitate to let us know about it! we sell a great deal of merchandise that has been featured on the likes of DAILY CANDY, Domino Magazine, Lucky Magazine and many more, however we are seeking press for pergolina.com. if any of you have advice on a way in – give us a hand!
those of you who know me know that i am a big fan of the phrase “the squeaky wheel gets oiled”! with that said, please send your friends, family, co-workers, pet-groomers, neighbors, facialists, therapists, life guides, etc. to our site! we will take good care of them! and if you blog, please mention PERGOLINA.
i am digging a tunnel and see a tiny bit of light but i want to be glowing in that light. so if you have any ideas, comments, guidance, anything please, please share with us.
i thank you for being loyal and lovely and for encouraging me to do what i love.

pergolina home, gift and garden
10139 Riverside Dr.
toluca Lake, CA 91602
phone: 818.508.7708

Sunday, June 1, 2008

bianca's favorites for summer

summer is officially here on saturday! which means more skin and more sun. and my favorite way to show off my skin and shimmer in the sun is by layering up my sterling silver word bracelets and showing them off! the bracelets sparkle in the sun and i always get a giggle when i get to announce what each special bracelet says (i even giggle when i read them to myself).
i have been buying, gifting (and thankfully receiving) these bracelets for years and they are a classic. everyone from my ma, grandma, sister, friends and even some guy friends love these bracelets.
the best part is that you can have them engraved to say anything you want. an affirmation, an inside joke, pet name, nickname, something naughty, romantic, sassy or a special date.
plus they are inexpensive yet personal!
and there you have it, one of my favorite pergolina gifts (or pergolina gift to self) for this summer are the sterling silver word bracelets. for more information look for them under the jewelry category in Shop.
please note that this item takes about a week to be made. your shipping dates will apply after we receive the bracelet from the designer.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

to all of our lovely mothers, husbands of mothers, wives of mothers, sons and daughters of mothers, sisters of mothers, brothers of mother, mothers of mothers, fathers of mothers, friends of mothers, dogs and cats of mothers, bunnies of mothers, mothers of dogs, cats or bunnies (did i forget any other combination of mothers?)…
please accept this invitation to our annual mother’s day tea party!
on saturday, may 10th from 11am – 5pm.
pergolina home, gift and garden
10139 Riverside Drive
Toluca Lake, CA 91602
mention this email invitation and receive a compliment (as my nonna would say).
paulanna (a mother) and the pergolina Girls (also mothers, some cat mothers)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

bianca's favorite things for april!

recycled plastic bags made in africa

these bags are a hit at the store! i love them too! they are strong and can accommodate lots of items! they are great for the farmer’s market or the beach! or if you are a kitty mother like myself then you may find a cute little somebody hiding inside your bag!
recycled, colorful, strong, multi functional… what is not to love!

vintage sterling silver baby cups

these are the first of our vintage finds! keep checking back because soon we will have many more one of a kind vintage items. i adore these cups because not only are they beautiful but they are treasures that can be used by every generation to come!