Thursday, August 22, 2013

new york

Dear Pergolians
....... so much to tell you

i am finally winding down from a very hectic week of thinking looking deciding buying thinking some more and signing

i love this time of year i feel like i am on a merry go round a beautiful one i choose a different animal every day i ride while eating cotton candy

the city brings fire to my spirit i can't wait to hit the streets in the morning with the cast of life i follow groups of people so many different languages when i hear italian i perk up trying to translate yesterday a little boy named massimo was scolded by his mother he gave her attitude his father grabbed his arm he cried i watched as i was waiting for a bus ...then the mother and father kissed him as i rode away he went skipping down the street

i went to Brooklyn for the day great architecture friendly people wonderful lunch treasures on the street

i could live in Brooklyn heights

the javits is where i walk the isles of beauty and stuff  all day
seeing items thinking about who might like this or that building a story in my mind where i might put it
thousands of things from all over the world
we've made friends over the 23 years, a by chance meeting with CAVALLINI owner Brad P. @ the oyster bar reminiscing 
friends from  LA Japan Italy canada
We saw
Makie from NY
it had been 3 years Makie' remembered steve .....

this is why i come to NY to look up,to walk the isles, to be inspired, to drink the water, to see friends, to go to Eataly, to have oysters,  a slice, to chat with cabbies
to think about Georgia O'keefe

and to bring magic back to PERGOLINA

all for you my lovelies   xo p

Thursday, August 8, 2013

so proud

"the way to know life is to love many things"
van Goth

Dear Pergolians,   

So much to tell you.

PERGOLINA giving and living website

Our nest is filled with handcrafted goods, artisan made jewelry, decor for the home, for entertaining, for gifting, and of course curiosities that make me smile and you too.
Unique vintage reliquary. We ask you to come and open your imagination and dive into ours
That's the giving

Parties, Events, Classes, Workshops, Exhibits. Secrets from the kitchen,digging in the garden,and things that I love,collect,and dream about.  My circus is open come play sing out express your artfulness
That's the living

all for you my lovelies
xo p

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