Monday, March 9, 2009

new jewelry

we just posted some new jewelry from designer tai rittichai. very boho chic. delicious colors and nude tones too. check out our online selection or visit our store for more treasures from tai.

organic baby blankets

the Jaya Love’s Tekeko Organic Peace Blanket is made with certified organic bamboo and certified organic cotton. This blanket is especially soft and gentle for baby’s skin! We also sell the Buddha blanket!

the university of pergolina

we are feeling creative and have decided to launch a series of assorted classes! so stay tuned for more information on upcoming classes and schedules!

with that said, Pergolina invites you to speak out and tell us what skills you would be interested in learning. send an email to and we will review your requests and comments.

we appreciate your time and feedback.

classes that are already in the works are: native plant gardening, crochet, knitting, floral arrangements and more!

bianca's favorites for march

here are some of my favorite things… a coin purse & wallet from "dumpling dynasty". this fabulous design duo are masters of kitsch! i am madly in love with the sweetness of the image paired with a hot pink interior – yum!
and who doesn’t love a robot that also functions as a memory stick! this is a great gift idea for office buddies and computer friendly lovers!


look what sprouted out of the back table!

indian treasures

we just received lots of beautiful handmade goods from india. fans, prosperity hens, glass vessels, tunics and more… each piece is rich with color and detail.