Saturday, September 12, 2009

bianca's favorites for september

organic salvage candles – NEW!

we just got these delicious candles in. they are so different and the grass scent smells like an early morning at the flower mart downtown. delicious!
organic salvage candles are made with 100% natural organic wax. the packaging and container are all reclaimed or recycled materials.

al morgan sstrich & kent reading glasses

i don’t need glasses yet, but if i did these two pairs are my first picks! i love how distinctive their shape is and the antique tortoise finish is always classy.

matta dupatta ombre scarf

the matta dupattas are always gorgeous, but the two tones in the fall ombre group are especially yummy.
measures 40×80 inches with hand tied tassels on all sides. Soft blend of cotton and silk. hand wash or dry clean.

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