Saturday, January 22, 2011

a sighting...

one more thing. we spotted mary sporting a brook sheilds inspired eyebrow. you know natural eye brows are all the rage these days and mary is looking gorgeous!


we went shopping...

we went shopping yesterday. it was so much fun. as we left the building with bags stuffed, paulanna balancing a bag on her head, me wearing a backpack and two full bags in either hand, we joked that we were leaving the airport. we had been traveling all over the world gathering and collecting treasures from all over to share and sell to our customers. it was quite hilarious when someone commented to paulanna, bag on head - "gorgeous hat!!".
shopping is always so much fun. we get to see and touch! so many unusual and beautiful things. soon we will be putting out the treasures into the shop for your shopping pleasure.
below are some iphone snap shots of our adventure. glittery piles! vintage delights! fabulous women! pattern! and more...
looking back i could have taken more images. but we were so in the moment. i guess you will just have to stop by the shop and see for yourself!






Thursday, January 20, 2011

this saturday

our dear dear friend lily, a very talented and kind spirited young lady is hosting her yoga studio's open house. we have both taken classes with lily and can't say enough about how wonderful her techniques are. she is patient, knowledgeable and such a pleasure to be with. her studio is so beautiful too! intimate and nestled in the hills surrounded by gorgeous views. she even has a wall from which to hang upside down! this saturday is her open house - email her for more information. we highly recommend it.

visit her website here.


image of the day...

on a gorgeous day like today, a lovely swim with lady friends sounds like the perfect way to spend the time...

image via here. quote via here

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

street art

sometimes our schedules are too busy and jammed that they do not permit the time to visit the museum. good thing there are such clever street artists all over the world to play with our imaginations and beg us to take a closer look into what defines beauty when we least expect it. we love the following images found on the wooster collective.

valentines day treasures are here...

we have received lots of beautiful little ways of saying i love you or be my valentine at pergolina...
pretty heart shaped leather boxes perfect for gifting a necklace or a special little note with a chocolate kiss... milagros portraying happy couples that bring luck and love... handmade objects from peru made of paper and clay that read "amor" and "te amo"...  vintage reclaimed spoons that serve as loving reminders and companions to your keys...


Saturday, January 15, 2011

les papillons noirs

we found these images on agathe halais's blog to be so beautiful that we had to repost them. we love her play with light and process.

in other news.
happy weekend! the sun is out - the air feels fresh! any fun plans?
next weekend we shop for new treasures for the shop - we are so excited! and monday the 24th we begin our BIG STORE SALE! we have to make room for all the new treats we are buying.

hope your weekends are lovely!



Friday, January 14, 2011

quote of the day

via here.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

letter from a friend

I received this email the other day from my pergolina friend elise
I hadn’t seen or heard from her in a long time
I am beginning the gathering for this year
and I thought I might see her …
and then I opened this beautiful letter of love and devotion
I am sharing this with you

life is so fragile sometimes I forget this

- paulanna

Ken/Elisa Birthday

Happy New Year to my wonderful clients:

I am sorry to write this to you in an email, but I wanted to let you know that my husband Ken passed away in his sleep on December 31st at approx. 4:00am after a 4-year battle with Squamous Cell Skin Cancer.  He was 58 1/2. He was hospitalized with Meningitis in November, and the last 2
months of the past year have been blur.

Obviously, I didn't deal with the holidays at I am thanking you now for all the creativity you bestowed upon me last year....
it helped me cope immensely.  In lieu of Holiday Gifts, I will be making a donation to the Jules Stein Eye Institute for Orbital Disease Research.

On the eve of a New Year, our friend George Maguire says:

"Ken's journey these last years has been one of great courage and patience - and yours has been what you always are - unconditional love. The class act of Ken to leave us on the last day of the year, and giving you full permission to begin a new venture is truly stunning love from him. A gift!
May all of us learn from this glory and generosity of heart."

Although I'm sure you understand, I've not be able to talk to all of you personally - but will be able to do that as the immediate chaos settles.

I hope to see some of you next week -- Last July I had signed up to Exhibit at Beckman's West in Los Angeles next week Jan. 21st-24th  -- So I will be there in my same Booth Space #317 --2nd Floor at the LA Mart
Please come by to say hello if you are coming to the show. If not, please feel free to call...and I'd be happy to come by in person to show you some new designs.

I have been coping fairly well Ken's was a lengthy illness, I had time to prepare for his eventual passing.  We were together for 25 it is still a huge loss.  I'm being saved by Iyengar Yoga, lots of projects (including a kitchen remodel) and I look forward to traveling more to out of town Art Shows and possible out of State Trade Shows.

I feel compelled to apologize if I wasn't as attentive,  delayed processing any orders, didn't email images promised or following up in a timely manner with materials requested.   My attention was completely fragmented with 70 Daily Hyperbaric Treatments at the beginning of last year and (2) intensive hospital stays in Aug/November for Ken. Sometimes I never knew what I could plan from one hour to the next. 

You have all been so supportive over the years asking about Ken.  His story and his bravery have affected many of my private and corporate customers and I feel you have all been part of this crazy experience.

What I can share from the Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying is that: "If we remember that every minute we are living that we are dying, we may make better choices in the moment and consciously decide how we want to act, be, respond  and create.  Some people have timely deaths, some untimely, so if we are conscious that either one could be in our life plan, we will not have regrets when that time comes."

Try to eat at a new restaurant, try new things, get out of your "rut", hang upside down**!
Wishing you a wonderful, happy, peaceful New Year ahead...
as well as Abundant Health!

Looking forward to sharing expanded creativity in the months ahead as I look forward to expressing my Artistic Gifts!  Thank you for offering them to your customers! It means more than you know.

In gratitude,
Elisa Goodman

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

beautiful things on sale

our sale includes some really gems. such as the following hand stitched blouses, made in guatemala. these blouses host such a gorgeous range of color and detail. each one is one of a kind.
to shop go here.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


i am so cold today all i can think of is a hot bubbly tub
don't you want to do the same?


inspiration - artist lee bul

we are in love with these magical sculptures by korean born artist lee bul. She is "considered the leading korean artist of her generation, she has achieved over the past two decades international renown for her formally inventive, intellectually provocative oeuvre. demonstrating virtuosity across diverse media – from drawing and performance to sculpture, painting, installation, and video – her multifaceted production is representative of the most innovative aesthetic currents shaping contemporary art in the global sphere." to read more about lee bul go here.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

online sale!

pergolina is having an online sale! check out the online shop for sweet discounts on almost everything.
go HERE to shop!


get your match NOW!

as of january 11th match handmade italian pewter is going up in price. they have not increased the prices in two years! so now is the time to pick up those pieces you have been desiring!


artful booklet workshop with artist anna corba

friday, january 28th 2011

anna corba trunk show 5:30 pm
workshop 6:30 – 9:30 pm

join collage artist anna corba for an evening of creativity with prosecco and tasty tid-bits on the side….
In this workshop we will create a 6” x 6” journal, learning collage techniques and a simple sewn binding style using gorgeous ribbons. our covers will be finished with a beeswax glaze and inside pages can be embellished to your hearts content. this book makes a perfect little keepsake for yourself or a yummy gift for valentines day.” (and can be easily duplicated in various sizes for future projects…)

the workshop will take place from 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm with an anna corba trunk show beginning at 5:30 pm.
the class fee is $65. this includes all materials including a kit with everything you will need to make one book.
students are asked to please bring scissors and any personal imagery or embellishment they may like to work with.
to view anna corba’s work visit
to sign up or for more information email or call pergolina directly at 818.508.7708



Wednesday, January 5, 2011

inspiration - doily artwork

we found these beautiful doily art creations on casa nova wong. they were done by polish artist NeSpoon. below read the artist's statement..

"oak beach is my favorite place at the baltic sea, i come here every summer holiday. this year I tried to introduce street art to the beach. traditionally, i use my laces as a stencils, but for the first time i used them to created installations.

the effects of my work aroused great interest. many people made pictures of the installations, they moved them around from place to place, they were even used for the construction of beach camps. small children with great joy played around them.

these objects made of lace, though very delicate, survived on the beach over a week."

to learn more about this installation visit here and here.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

happy new year

happy new year! we are back in action! pergolina is open again and ready for the new year! lots of fun things to expect at pergolina in 2011... more workshops, a big sale, and of course more gorgeous treasures. stay tuned for updates on whats what!


image via here. did you eat your lentils this holiday?