Wednesday, October 26, 2011

our new website... it is finally here!

we are so happy to announce that finally!!! our new website is up and running. we worked very hard to make the site more user friendly, lovely and really showcase the beautiful objects that we hand select for our shop. we will be updating the online shop on a weekly basis with new merchandise, so check back often!

check out our new site HERE! and happy shopping!



  1. to the divine ms b THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK

  2. The images are looking good. In an image-heavy site you really need to keep things un-cluttered, right? The page can get downright confusing if you don't keep things in order, especially as the screen loads. Good job in avoiding that!
    -Glenn Evans

  3. Nothing can make a website look messier than having random and large photos. It is important to keep your website’s images organized, so as to make it look appealing to your client’s eyes. Remember: organization is key, and so is uniformity.

    Sage Aumick

  4. I love how simple yet well-designed your website is. I don’t find it hard to go from one page to another. My only concern is that after landing to one page, I don’t know anymore how to go back to the home page. I think you should include a link there that would lead the visitor to the home page whenever they want.

    >Abigayle Soderstrom