Wednesday, January 5, 2011

inspiration - doily artwork

we found these beautiful doily art creations on casa nova wong. they were done by polish artist NeSpoon. below read the artist's statement..

"oak beach is my favorite place at the baltic sea, i come here every summer holiday. this year I tried to introduce street art to the beach. traditionally, i use my laces as a stencils, but for the first time i used them to created installations.

the effects of my work aroused great interest. many people made pictures of the installations, they moved them around from place to place, they were even used for the construction of beach camps. small children with great joy played around them.

these objects made of lace, though very delicate, survived on the beach over a week."

to learn more about this installation visit here and here.


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  1. These are gorgeous. Thanks for posting.
    Happy New year