Wednesday, September 15, 2010

inspiration - artist elana herzog

p found this inspiration this morning and we both ooh and awwwed! artist elena herzog is amazing. the way in which she transforms common materials truly emphasizes the idea that we have the power to change our perspectives of what something is or can be...

a clip from elana's statement:
"It is process-based in the sense that it is a product of action and reaction—an act that generates form that generates another act, and so on. New form emerges from the remains of old. Large bedspreads reference the monolithic rectangles of abstract painting as well as bed and body... A series of pieces made with Persian-type carpets speaks to my frustration with current geopolitical crisis as well as to issues of value and display, collection and loss. I’ve become extremely interested in the history of labor, capital, industrialization and technology, as characterized by development and change in the textile industry.
My materials, often cheap, tacky, or discarded household items and fabric, challenge conventions of taste and beauty and draw attention to how art and design migrate throughout culture, from high to low and back again, reinterpreted by industry to meet the needs of different markets and trends."

to visit her site click HERE.


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