Thursday, July 1, 2010

just in - fouta collection - as seen in o magazine

"equally suited to beach or after-tub shimmy, these superabsorbent cotton towels are handwoven with the same ancient method used to make those at the famous Turkish baths centuries ago." (o magazine)

"made of 100% natural cotton , artisanal hand woven on "m├ętiers a tisser" the same way today than a thousand years ago, the fouta towel was and is traditionally used as a “hammam towel in the still famous turkish bath, the ancestors of today’s spa.
either at home or at the spa, the fouta towel becomes a marvelous towel after bath or shower: the more you wash it, the softer and the most absorbent it becomes.
at the beach, use it on your lounge or wear it as a "pareo". the fouta towel’s versatility makes it a wonderful addition to your home in all kinds of ways : throw it on a sofa or use it as an innovative tablecloth and it becomes a decorative accessory. the different textures and patterns you can choose from and mix together, added to the rich palette of attractive coordinated colors let your creativity run wild and allow you to give a personal whimsical touch to your home as well as 100% natural cotton. hand made in tunisia."


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