Saturday, May 29, 2010

our favorite new jewelry!

we have a new line of bracelets that we are very excited about! not only are they absolutly beautiful but they are the result of a good cause. made in thailand by hand
these bracelets are crocheted using a strong natural fiber that is covered in colored wax. everything from the hand carved coconut buttons to the actual fiber is made by hand, only the gold or silver colored beads are not. they are ecofriendly, water-resistant, durable and comfortable to wear.
but we are also proud to say that these bracelets support cottage industry by employing women and stay at home mothers who have no other means of income. making these bracelets allows them to stay at home with their children, work when it’s convenient for them, and earn a fair wage. the designers work closely with this community of women and their families. they produce unique materials and are able to be creative. the process of making these bracelets is becoming tair trade certified.


shhh!!!! even b got one for herself...

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