Tuesday, February 9, 2010

inspiration - mia & lauren luke

pergolina has many inspirations and they come in various forms.

I would like to tell you a story about two truly inspiring women in my life. first I would like to introduce you to my friend mia.
mia is a young adult, aspiring to be a make up artist and she is autistic. she inspires me every time i am with with her. she greets life with great zeal and has big dreams and aspirations. when something catches her eye she will research it to the end and she does it with great verve.
during her process of exploring the world of make up artistry, mia found a very special hero. lauren luke.

lauren luke, a young woman from so sheilds england is a make up artist and a cinderella story. lauren always loved make up because it made her feel pretty when nothing else did. she made her debut on july of 2007 by creating a simple video demonstrating her unique way of applying makeup. the video was posted on youtube and soon after many "regular girls" as she likes to refer to herself as were watching and commenting on her and the magical colors that she uses. as a result of those diy videos lauren now owns her own line of make up and continues to teach young women around the world her distinctive style. she created something from nothing and has given so many young woman a way to feel beautiful.

mia was one of the young ladies who has been greatly influenced by lauren.

mia and i sat down and i asked her about lauren.

paulanna: mia, when and how did you discover lauren luke?

mia: i discovered her on may 22, 2008. i typed in goth make up and there she was. she has many looks and i like how she blends her colors.

p: do you like to search for different types of make up?

m: yes i like looking for new make up.

p: have you studied make up?

m: yes at the mud school with my sister.

p: when did you first meet l.l.?

m: she came to my home on august 30, 2009. i showed her my face charts. we talked about her videos and her pugs and her son.

p: what do you love about l.l.?

m: i love her make up, her face and her accent.

mia and lauren are kindered spirits. their individual dreams have come true. lauren launched a line of make up at sephora in july of 2009 and did a road trip accross the us ending los angeles. this gentle spirit greeted each young woman with a warm smile. the "regular girls" felt like stars. when she saw mia she threw open arms and embraced a friend. i joined mia and her family for dinner with lauren. at dinner mia showed lauren all of her newest charts and asked how the pugs were and beamed. she is her friend. two young women with dreams, some fullfilled and some on their way.

my last question for mia was what would you like to do? her response was " i want to grow up and be a make up artist for movies and music videos and broadway shows and of course award shows ".

mia is a true inspiration. she greets each day with purpose, an economy of words, and delight. that is what i aspire to.

- paulanna

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  1. no better way to express yourself than art. Make up like painting or photography are just different tool to express your feeling and share it with people, Mia found her way to do it and she really seems to enjoy it. Thank for reminding me ( us) always believe in your dreams, and never give up.
    Keep believing Mia, keep the faith in you.