Saturday, November 1, 2008

bianca's favorites for october

these hand painted tin cans are called miracle cans. they are great for pens, flowers or whatever else you can think of. handmade in peru.

ibride bird portrait trays: we are crazy about the new ibride trays! all of the trays are composites of humans and birds, with a distinct period feel and playful design. ibride’s trays are made of recycled wood by an innovative French design team lead by three members of the same family. the trays are both functional and artful. they can be used for serving food, drinks or hung on a wall as art.

my favorite new candles are snow & graham. come on by and smell them! . their candles are made with soy and have wonderful fragrances that delicate. i am also a fan of the silk screened graphics on the glass. some one by me the anemone no.16 scent - now!

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